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I used to think that being in a routine was boring and mundane — the furthest thing from what I wanted in my early 20’s, or even late 20’s. Having a routine was kryptonite for someone who has travelled a reasonable amount and enjoys the nomadic, free lifestyle of someone who is single and unattached as a young adult.

Now I know what you’re thinking, all of the greatest minds, entrepreneurs and leaders all swear by a routine of some description (in case you’ve been living under a rock, see the list below) but I think therein lies the key…

I know I’m not alone in noticing that I’ve been spending an excessive amount of time staring at my phone over the last 12 months — it’s just always there.

Since working from home and not having a boss looming over your shoulder every minute, my phone sits quietly beside me as I go about my daily work. Until I pick it up, have a scroll through one app, put it down. Pick it up and have a scroll through a different app, put it down. This cycle repeats throughout the working day and into the evening. …

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Every now and then, you meet friends from your past and the topic of your time at school comes up. This means different things for everyone and could be reminiscing on good times, bad times, or just times in general. I had one of those moments recently, however after we parted ways again and I had some time to think, it wasn’t memories like those mentioned above that came to mind, it was my high school motto.
Over the years I was at high school, we had 2 (or 3 maybe, my recall isn’t the best) headteachers, and current residing head…

Brad Givens

Sometimes I have thoughts - sometimes I write them down.

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